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Absolute Consultancy & Support (ACS) services was started in UK in the year 2006 and now operates in more than six countries. The latest branch was incorporated in Kenya on 4th February 2009.

In UK Absolute consultancy and Support Services in partnership with Diaspora training and recruitment do deliver government contracts in the training and vocational qualifications in various fields. It also does consultancy in project design & evaluation, policy research & report writings, legal & partnership agreements, proposal & fund raising project planning and delivery.

In Kenya, the company is also involved in general business undertakings for example business supplies, marketing and hospitality services, real estate, business infrastructure development among others. It has so far individually or in partnership with other organisations carried out a number of consultancy work across public sector, civic society and private businesses.

Examples are Oxfam Novib consultancy on Somalia based project on women empowerment programme; Public Service Commission (Kenya Government) Consultancy Services to evaluate achievement levels on its service delivery to the members of the public; Government of South Sudan [Ministries of Finance and Planning) on Rapid Assessment on the Critical Function in Four Institutions in the; Labour and Public Service Management, Petroleum and Mining and the Bank of South Sudan.

Overall the company has been able to undertake this because of its sound financial and professionalism. We have a database of close to 500 Consultants from University professors to top NGO researchers and academicians in Kenya and abroad

ACS Limited prides itself with five leading researchers and consultants on matters related to; Human Resource Management, Organizational Development; Performance Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, environmental policy and management, quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, e-learning, Gender Mainstreaming, Project Management among other interests. Our pool of consultants has consulted widely for government, private sector as well as non-governmental organizations.

Why choose ACS for IELTS and CBT Training?

  1. One-off training fee until you pass your exams. (IELTS and CBT)
    At ACS, you only pay the training fee once and get the whole IELTS and CBT training. Again, once you enroll for IELTS training with us, we offer you free CBT revisions, free exam booking, and also free guidance on verification of documents. 
  1. Experienced tutors
    All our tutors are British council accredited and certified trainers with over 99% success rates. We take all our tutors through a professional and thorough recruitment process to ensure that we only hire the best in the region. At ACS, we also train our tutors to ensure that they align the training to our international standards. 
  1. We have partnered and accredited by British Council
    ACS has partnered with the British council to ensure we deliver the best IETS training and revision materials. All relevant authorities have also accredited us in Kenya and Britain. Therefore, you should not have fears when you enroll in our physical or online classes. 
  1. We offer flexible training classes
    ACS offers both physical and online courses to all enrolled students. We understand that our students are busy, and therefore, we make sure classes don’t interfere with their schedules. We allow our students to choose the mode of training that they are comfortable with. Additionally, you can still choose to attend both physical and online classes at your convenience. Again we offer personalized training since we understand students have different needs and areas that need special attention. Our tutors walk with you individually and give you specialized attention throughout the training.
  1. Assessment mocks
    We have internal Mocks to asses our students before we allow them to sit for IELTS or CBT exams. Typically, our tutors give students IELTS tests every week to assess personal growth; the timings and questions are just like the REAL IELTS test.
  1. Exam bookings.
    We do reserve and book exams for our candidates free of charge. 
  1. Study materials
    We offer learning and revision material to our students at affordable prices 
  1. Make-up classes.
    In case you miss a class, we always make arrangements for you to get a make-up class. Our tutors are flexible and readily available to train and guide you. 

ACS is an international Company, and all our training and services are in line with international standards. Over 60% of our candidates excel in their first IETS test attempt. We guarantee you maximum satisfaction and value for your money. Our call lines are always, and you can reach out to us anytime. 

For more information contact us at  +254 794 587889/ +254723230863/ +254728150840

Nursing Jobs in the UK

We are pleased to inform you that we are now working with several National Health Service Trusts in England to recruit nurses for hospitals across UK. Applicants will pay no fees to apply except the exam fees for IELTS & CBT which will be refundable by the employer.

We are also providing revision classes and exam booking service for IELTS and CBT in Nairobi throughout the month including weekends and evenings. Please note there is a charge for revision classes which are charged per 4- hour session.

Benefits of staff nurse are:

• Salary ranging from £22128 – £28747 (excluding overtime and other benefits)
• Free 3 year Visa
• Free sponsorship
• Free Health surcharge
• Free flight fare
• Free accommodation for up to three months
• Free Airport pick up upon arrival in the UK
• Refund of CBT test fee
• Refund of IELTS test fee
• Paid for OSCE examination in the UK
• Annual leave of 27 days (8 plus public holidays)
• NHS Pension plan

Who Can Apply?
  • Registered Nurses including fresh graduate.
  • Valid nursing practising licence (not expired)
  • IELTS- 7 (writing 6.5) or OET- B
  • CBT pass

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity please email the following documents at your earliest convenience to

  1. Your CV.
  2. Registration Certificate as a nurse in your country of origin
  3. Practising nursing license
  4. CBT results slip (you have to do an exam – see details below)
  5. IELTS Certificate -Minimum 7 (writing score 6.5)
  6. Copy of your Passport


International students’ recruitment

Good news! We can now recruit directly to over 25 UK universities across UK at no charge to prospective students.
Our services in our Kenyan offices include helping the prospective students find the most suitable course for them and compare course fees across all selected universities for the best value for money.
The pre-location service also includes checking to make sure the applicant meets the minimum admission requirements to minimise wasting time and money; providing IELTS tuition where required, applying for the preferred university and course as well as passport and visa application support.
Our services also includes using UK university graduates to provide first-hand information on what to expect when they relocate to the UK for their studies which include advise on legal working hours, and financial advice and planning to ensure they don’t run out of pocket money while in the UK.
Our office in the UK will continue to support you post relocation and onto the university should they need further support to settle in the new country which include help with finding a part-time job while you carry on with your studies or post studies work through the new UK scheme of 2 years post study work permit.
In short and brief we will be with you all the way from the day you make your first enquiry to the day you return back to the country or find a way of settling into the new country.
For more information please get in touch with us via our office line +254 794 587 889 or Thomas +44 7879 566 553
Or email:


Research & Consultancy

• Market Research
• Business Plans
• Strategic plans
• Skills Audit
• Competency Assessments
• Job Evaluation
• Impact Evaluations
• Baseline surveys, social experimental research
• Customer/Employee satisfaction, Work Environment surveys, etc.
• Educational research
• Human Resource Development
• Monitoring and Evaluation

Media Consultancy
  • Brand management
  • Public relations
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Evaluation and Analysis

• Governance and Devolution
• Result-Based Monitoring & Evaluation
• Project Management
• Gender Mainstreaming
• Human Resource Development
• Training in information technology, training needs assessment, training impact assessment, training of trainers seminars,
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Agribusiness consultancies
• IOTs in Agribusiness

  • eLearning/ ICT strategy development
  • Project proposal development, advisory services in software development for companies, individuals, NGO’s, CBO’s
  • Web design

Mission Statement

To provide unrivaled quality research, management and allied consultancy services to individuals, corporate organizations, Non-governmental organizations and public institutions.


To be the ultimate partner for entities/organizations and individuals whose challenge is to achieve results, provide solutions consistently beyond targets worldwide.



  1. Team Work
  2. Innovation
  3. Respect
  4. Integrity
  5. Leadership by example
  6. Professionalism

Meet The Team

The people who made it happen and will continue to push this company forward for more success

Thomas Musau

Managing Director

Prof. Lazarus Ndiku Makewa

Programmes Manager

Ruth Wanjiku

Office Manager

John Mathenge

Head of Training

Susan Kyalo

Head of Marketing

Kennedy Munene

Head of Recruitment

Alice Mutheu

Training Coordinator

Faith Mwende

Office Administrator

Billy Momanyi

Head of Business Development

Esther Moraa

Head of Finance


This is a snapshot of the workshops, trainings and events held by ACS.

ACS Business Development Team launching the American
Dream for nurses



Communication is Everything

Kenya Office: Suite F7, 1st Floor, Information House, Opposite Afya Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

U.K Office: Office 14, Riverside Business Centre, Fort Road, Tilbury Essex RM18 7ND

Tel: 0203 6595 251 Email: